Developer Profile: Nnooo on Sustainable Game Development

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Developer Profile: Nnooo on Sustainable Game Development

May 16, 2012 Uncategorized 0

In 2006 Nic Watt and Bruce Thomson moved from UK to Australia to build a games franchise that will eventually span film, TV and toys. Frustrated at how developers have historically been marginalized in a publisher driven model, Nic felt it was time to strike out on his own and demonstrate to the games industry that Creatives don’t need a Suit to be commercially successful.

And if their Case Study published earlier in the week  is any indicator, they’re doing just fine on their own.

Rhys Votano from Upstair Studios interviewed Nic Watt about their growth from startup to commercially successful dev at Bits & Pieces, a game design and playtesting event in Sydney:

Developer Data Box: Nnooo


Start Date: September 2006

First Successful Title: Pop

Release Date: May 2008

Platform: WiiWare

Tools: NintendoWare, Wii SDK and Wii Development Kits (all proprietary software and hardware supplied by Nintendo); Codewarrior for coding in (also supplied by Nintendo), Photoshop and Illustrator

Partners: None – self funded and published

Development Costs: $120K

First Year Revenue: $221K

Advice for Indie Startups:  Start small, make something well polished and fun and then think bigger. Build a foundation. Find a niche. Do you really want to be the Nth million developer on a particular platform or would you rather do something exciting and unique on a platform starved of great content?

Nnooo is an independent game developer based in Sydney specialising in making games and apps for the console and handheld market. After focusing predominantly on Nintendo platforms, they recently became one of only four Australian developers to be approved to develop for the new PlayStation Vita. They are best known for their WiiWare games Pop and escapeVektor: Chapter 1, and Pop+ Solo and the myLifeCollected series of apps for Nintendo DSiWare. They are currently working on escapeVektor for the Nintendo 3DS/PlayStation Vita and Spirit Hunters Inc, an augmented reality spirit hunting RPG, for Nintendo DSiWare. Follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and support their games!