You Dont Go Indie for the Steady Paycheck


Asking whether independent game development is a realistic thing to do with your life is like wondering if rock’n’roll is a good stable career. No one who’s wildly successful does it for the financial security. They do it because they can’t imagine doing anything else – and because of that they’ve got the stones to do WHATEVER IT F*CKING TAKES to make it work.

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  1. Agreed. Making flash games as a career isn’t easy but the sheer joy I get from people playing a game and enjoying it is so rewarding.

  2. Hi, i am severely stuck on a boring ass desk job, i seriously need t oshake things up but i lack technical knowledge to start coding my own games, i have ideas documented, both for setting gameplay and so on but i do not yet have means to make it work, how to proceed?

    • Lacking technical knowledge is a temporary problem – solved once you make it a point to start learning out to implement your ideas.

      So start learning how to implement your ideas. Look up GameMaker Studio and the visual scripting tools uScript and Playmaker (both for Unity).

      These tools are designed for people who want to focus entirely on skilling up in game design without focusing on pure code (though you WILL want to get into coding eventually – once you reach a point where you want to do more than a third party engine/tool will let you do).

      Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you use to start out with.

      Once you start skilling up in one tool you can learn to use another tool easily enough.

      The biggest challenge at the very beginning is going to be learning out to translate what is in your head into an actual interactive experience that someone else enjoys – a big chunk of that is recognizing when what you THOUGHT was going to be enjoyable actually ISNT and tweaking your work as you get more feedback from people playing whatever it is you create.

      • I am working a simple idea on Construct and it is clo to “proof of concept” status, can i send a file your way to get some feedback?

  3. Agree. Y’all uv got brass ovaries woman.

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