Fix Your Team

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Fix Your Team

March 20, 2012 Uncategorized 0

You come into work already frustrated. Day hasn’t even started. There’s so much to do and it’s going to be a shit fight to get anything done.

Because Bob will sit back with his arms folded and resist your ideas.

Because Jane will take on more work then she can get done and you’ll have to pick up the slack.

It starts well when you’re excited about the games you’re going to make together. You had a blast coming up with ideas and sharing stories about what you want to create.

Now it seems like the only one who wants to make this game is you! You feel let down, disappointed, angry.

Okay so you know how you feel. But how do they feel? What are they worried about? What else is going on in their lives that might explain their behavior?

Have you asked?

Get people talking and you’ll be surprised what you find. You always have a good reason for acting the way you do, right? So do they.

Want to finish the game? Want your friends back? Ask questions and get them talking. Start by sharing your concerns and make it safe for them to share theirs.

There’s a trick to great communication

It’s called talking.



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