Indie Bits is Changing: More Indie, Less Epona

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Indie Bits is Changing: More Indie, Less Epona

May 16, 2013 Site News 9

Towards the end of 2012 I got hit with some kind of nervous system attack that shut me down completely.

Brain, body, the whole shebang.

I’ve recovered most brain/body function by now – but can only manage to type for about an hour a day before getting completely exhausted (something about the energy required to power brain and all ten typing digits at the same time is just way too much for my body – leaves me totally wiped out).

(If you’re wondering – I am currently in Australia where MRI/EMG/Test Things are cheaper than in the US and waiting to hear back from smart dudes with medical degrees as to what happened – it’s a physiological puzzle!)

So – with all that – my role here at Indie Bits is going to change.

You won’t get many more of my epic essays or ranty pants rants this site was known for in the beginning.

Instead I’ll be using my hour of available brain/typing energy to find and share the resources that indies across various creative domains have found crazy super helpful.

I’ll still be sourcing interviews and case studies from notable devs and creatives – because those are super interesting and important to me too, and they seem to be the most useful posts to you guys.

Anyways – there’s probably another 20/20 Hindsight video in all this – something along the lines of “Everything Goes Wrong – Just Deal With it, Move on”.  That or “Life is Short – Make Awesome Stuff (While You Still Can!)”.


9 Responses

  1. Izitmee says:

    Ouch! Hope the puzzle will be solved soon. A big relaxing hug in the meantime

  2. Thanks for the update. Best of luck with a speedy recovery/adaptation!

  3. Leo says:

    All the best to you from Brazil!!

  4. apocriva says:

    You’re an inspiration, Epona. Thank you.

  5. Wish you the best Epona, missing your posts for a while now </3

    I hope you can recover as soon as possible, take care of yourself.


  6. Eric Blomquist says:

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea, hope you recover!!!!!

  7. kjkipp says:

    Every Bit, each Indie-vidual piece, will be celebrated…but please focus on the healing so that we can look forward to seeing you back here in all your full-on-ranty fabulousness.
    Luv & hugs

  8. Sunu Thomas says:

    Hey Epona,
    Get well soon. You are an inspiration to lots of people.

  9. Slipp D. says:

    Admist all the pain you’re enduring, you just couldn’t help to take a potshot at the USA— and one that doesn’t add a speck of relevancy to the article you’re writing.  If that hatred fuels you to push on, fine; but don’t expect the large portion of your audience that you’re attacking to be drawn to your work.

    Good luck.

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