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You can watch the GDC Talk (for free) here.

And you can find the Gamasutra article here.


Playing Race the Sun now, and seeing the success of that game among both indie developers and gamers, it seems ridiculous to think that that game almost failed to be made…multiple times.

In this GDC 2015 Vault talk, Aaron San Filippo and Forest San Filippo (Flippfly LLC) share their story of how they started with a great plan and a great idea – and watched that great plan fall apart while people slammed their “great idea” on Reddit and Greenlight.

They’ll tell the story of how valuable it was to actually see the patterns of feedback among all the negative reviews – and use that feedback to make a better game.

And they will confirm, again, that the quality of the game you make is the most significant factor in your potential success as an independent developer. 

Iterating on your business model; spamming hundreds of journalists; spending weeks on a trailer – all of this is made less effective when the game at the core of that campaign isn’t as f*cking amazing as it could be.


Once again, you can watch/listen to the whole talk (for free!) via the GDC Vault here:

As a follow up, Aaron San Filippo shares more of the key lessons they’ve learned from developing Race the Sun in a Gamasutra Article (which you can read here).