Making Jam: Resources for Speedy Game Making

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Making Jam: Resources for Speedy Game Making

January 27, 2012 Uncategorized 5


Want to make a quick and tasty digital treat in under 48 hours?


Bestest of Jams (Creative Commons Credit: Emily Flores)


These pixel slinging chefs share their secrets:


While there’s no perfect recipe for scrumptious gameplay jammen, there are plenty of fresh and flavorful ingredients to experiment with:

More Game Assets Libraries:


Epona’s Tips for Jammers:

  • Get your core gameplay working first – all your sexy features depend on it!
  • Prototype your art pipeline. Use simple assets and get used to getting everything building cleanly.
  • Build and play often. You won’t know if it’s tasty jam till you get a mix of all the ingredients together.
  • Sleep. Seriously. The best games last year were made by the teams that slept.
  • Use a task tracker. Trello, Google Docs, Sticky Notes. Keep track of what needs doing and who’s doing it.


Good luck Jammers!

5 Responses

  1. Boon Cotter says:

    Good luck to the jammers! So jelly I can’t be in this one! And thanks to Epona for all of the awesome resources, as usual! I’ll be making good use of these myself!

    Can I also recommend this awesome (free) 8-bit sound effect generator? I use it a lot. It’s totally old-school and super handy for anyone who might be lacking a sound girl or guy for their team.

    Is there any chance you could make a follow up post linking to any projects playable online/download? I’d totally love to check out what people are doing for this!

    • More of the games are coming through every day! 

      Will put some time aside to collect all the Sydney links at least. 

      You’ll find all the games uploaded and playable at

    • Hrrm…thinking it might be a forum. Need a central spot where folks can start threads Looking for Group (LFG) and Looking for More (LFM). 

      Gettings lots of “Do you know anyone who can do X?” hitting my inbox these days – I’m going to slow these projects down if I’m the middleman! Gotta take me out of that picture 8P

  2. Alan White says:

    nomnomnom thanking you 😀

    • Epona says:

      Hah! As always man, you are totally welcome 🙂

      Random note: you’ve inspired me to design a better task tracking system! Been “debugging” mine for the last few weeks to improve my own productive creativity. Will write up a “how to use it” guide and post it online soonish.

      It’s totally bootstrapped google-spreadsheet style, but I’ve been managing/tracking projects out of spreadsheets for AGES (because I am JUST that low old school).

      Thanks for all the comments man, you’re inspiring better work out of me 🙂

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