Indie Bits is Changing: More Indie, Less Epona

Towards the end of 2012 I got hit with some kind of nervous system attack that shut me down completely.

Brain, body, the whole shebang.

I’ve recovered most brain/body function by now – but can only manage to type for about an hour a day before getting completely exhausted (something about the energy required to power brain and all ten typing digits at the same time is just way too much for my body – leaves me totally wiped out).

(If you’re wondering – I am currently in Australia where MRI/EMG/Test Things are cheaper than in the US and waiting to hear back from smart dudes with medical degrees as to what happened – it’s a physiological puzzle!)

So – with all that – my role here at Indie Bits is going to change.

You won’t get many more of my epic essays or ranty pants rants this site was known for in the beginning.

Instead I’ll be using my hour of available brain/typing energy to find and share the resources that indies across various creative domains have found crazy super helpful.

I’ll still be sourcing interviews and case studies from notable devs and creatives – because those are super interesting and important to me too, and they seem to be the most useful posts to you guys.

Anyways – there’s probably another 20/20 Hindsight video in all this – something along the lines of “Everything Goes Wrong – Just Deal With it, Move on”.  That or “Life is Short – Make Awesome Stuff (While You Still Can!)”.


You Dont Go Indie for the Steady Paycheck


Asking whether independent game development is a realistic thing to do with your life is like wondering if rock’n’roll is a good stable career. No one who’s wildly successful does it for the financial security. They do it because they can’t imagine doing anything else – and because of that they’ve got the stones to do WHATEVER IT F*CKING TAKES to make it work.

20/20 Hindsight #2 – BizDev and Creativity


What I wish I’d known about business in creative industries and what I’ve learned the hard way:

– bizdev in creative industries has NOTHING TO DO with software development, and if you try to force feed a creative production through manufacturing pipelines you end up with a bunch of “risk averse” sameness.
– before you can get 10,000 customers you need to figure out how to get 1,000. Before THAT you have to have figured out how to get 100. Before 100 you need to get 10 and before 10 you have to have satisfied 1. So start by focusing on making even 1 customer happy, then 10, then 100, then 1000. Your business model evolves out of THIS process. Not some fancy business plan bullshit.

20/20 Hindsight #1 – Welcome to the Creative Industries!


Firstly, I apologize for the TERRIBLE quality of the video. Secondly, I sincerely apologize for NOT being Felicia Day (but I do what I can with what I’ve got!)

This is the first of a few videos covering what I wish I would have known back when I started my career in the creative industries ten years ago. I give the cliffnotes version of my background in the video, the rest you can find here:

The 3 Things I wish I’d known:

1 – You have to have a bullet proof sense of humor (and appreciation for comedic timing)

2 – Your creative integrity, style and craft are the only variables you can control

3 – Manage your own political career (don’t let anyone else do it for you)

Harsh Realities: Indie Without Healthcare



What would happen if you were bed ridden for three months?

Could your team finish the game without you?

Will your family be able to pay rent?

(And who is going to feed your cat?!?)

If you got seriously sick or injured, right now, would your career survive it?

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What Does Success Look Like to You?


Last night I sent out a tweet and facebook update to all the creative folks I follow and follow me, asking them what their definition of success is. The responses I got have been so surprising and heartwarming that I have to share some of them with you here. From creatives around the world, from Australia to Chile to the US and everywhere in between, this is what “Success” looks like to us…

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Behind the Pixels #1: Life of a Freelance Audio Designer


I am very curious about creative people and their origin stories – I like to know where they come from and how they got to where they are now! Going to start sharing these as part of a “Behind the Pixels” series for folks interested in those stories too.

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On Creativity


We’re Polymaths. There’s no Creative TYPES. We’re all Creative. So what if some people call you a digital artist and other people call you a computer scientist. Who cares what people think? You’re a Polymath and you can learn and do anything the hell you want.

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Arrogance, Intellectual Bias and “The Glass Ceiling”: Use Them



For anyone who feels like they’re being handled with intellectual kiddie gloves and haven’t been invited to the Grown Up Game Designer’s table.


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How to Decide Between Anything



Simple subjective algebra for making a decision between any number of things.

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