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3D Visualisation and Illustration

3D Visualisation

End to end 3D visualisation for games, animation, simulation,  arch vis and Virtual Reality.



From rapid concept art through to finished artworks. Creating interesting and evocative worlds.



Delivering high quality training and education to teams and individuals in the classroom, on the job and online.


Speaking and Publishing

Regular speaker at GDC, GCAP and PAX Australia. Published Gamasutra Writer. 


3D Artist and Illustrator with 11 years industry experience across animation, games, VR, web, mobile and arch vis

Whether a Producer or a Creative Lead, I can help you solve problems and develop strategies and production pipelines that make it easy to produce great work quickly. 


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Speaker History 

Past Speaking Engagements

Regular speaker at Game Developer’s Conference, Game Connect Asia Pacific and PAX Australia. Published Gamasutra Writer.  Past Speaking Engagements have included:

GCAP 2016

“Lego, Post-It, Mop and Bucket: Weird
Tools for Super Fast and Thorough Game Design”

GDC 2014

“Leading Without Power, Directing
Without Authority”

PAX AUS 2016

“Designing for Many, Inclusive Game
Design Techniques”

GCAP 2011

“Tools for Talking: Changing the Way We Communicate”


References and recommendations from colleagues on past projects.

“Epona is an unstoppable freight-train of business savvy, people-management, communication skills and general creative “oomph”. She’ll take it upon herself to manage and publicize the success of any endeavour or group of people she sets her mind to, combining worldly wisdom with an uncompromising regimen and genuine love of the industry – a force-a-nature!”

Dan Graf
Independent game developer

“Epona worked with me on Animalia. Her constant up beat attitude and fantastic work ethic was eclipsed only by the work she produced. I would love to recommend her as a great asset on any team.”

Dudley Birch
Lead mattepainter @ animal logic

“Epona’s excellent time management skills, coupled with a highly proactive and self-managing nature, proved to be a huge asset on this demanding production. Her ability to problem solve, and her willingness to help others (I expect driven by her obvious enthusiasm and passion for her work) meant that I had the opportunity to focus my attention on my own responsibilities without needing to manage her heavily. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I thoroughly recommend her to any future employer. Besides her extensive knowledge and her ability to learn quickly and work efficiently, her personality brings a lot of energy to a work environment. I hope I have the pleasure of working with Epona again in the future.”

Boon Cotter
Lighting artist @ Naughty Dog

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